5 Surprising Human Foods That Are Harmful To Dogs


1) Chocolate  (1 of 5)


1) Chocolate (1 of 5)




A lot of people tend to make the honest mistake of feeding their dogs chocolate, without realizing the harmful effects it could have on their canine. Chocolate is really bad for dogs, because it contains theobromine, and caffeine, which are both in the methylxanthines category. The methylxanthines in the chocolate are used to calculate the toxicity of the chocolate, which is why baking chocolate is a strict no-go as dog treats.  Most dogs can actually consume up to 1 ounce of milk chocolate per pound of their body weight, which means a 16 pound dog could each a 1 pound bag of m&ms and probably just have some slight sickness but nothing serious.  However if it were 1 pound of dark chocolate or baking chocolate, get your poochie to the emergency room to get their stomach pumped asap!

If consumed by a dog, chocolates can lead your dog to experience symptoms such as, death, seizures, elevated body temperatures, irregular heart rhythm, muscle tremors, severe agitation, abdominal pains, dehydration, and vomiting.