6 Spiders You DO NOT Want To Meet & Where They Live


1) Brown Widow Spider (1 of 6)

Brown Widow Spider

1) Brown Widow Spider (1 of 6)




If you grew up in the Midwest, you probably are used to seeing daddy long leg spiders anywhere and everywhere, and those basement creepy crawlers aren’t foreign to you either.

Although those might haunt you in your sleep, wait until you see these next six arachnids.

They say you swallow eight spiders in your sleep over the course of your lifetime.

Let’s hope it’s not any of these!

The brown widow spider, also known as the brown button or grey widow spider, is a cousin of the black widow spider.

It originates from South Africa and you can usually find them in everyday places, like buildings, and also tropical areas.

These spiders can be found in South Africa, the United States, Australia, Afghanistan, China, Japan, Tanzania, DR, Cyprus, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Brazil.

Like the black widow, brown widows have a neurotoxic venom that is just as toxic as theirs.

However, the brown widow bites are usually not very dangerous. The effects of the toxin, which acts on nerve endings, is usually confined to the bite area and surrounding tissue.


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